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Therese Eve Prentice is a highly motivated and results-oriented Director of Operations/Project Manager with a wealth of experience across diverse functional areas, including project management, training and organizational development, marketing, and optimizing overall operations. Their superior planning and interpersonal skills have driven a history of success in fast-paced environments, ensuring superior results and customer satisfaction.

  • As a master strategist, Therese Eve Prentice excels in developing and executing strategic plans, optimizing business performance and driving sustainable growth.

  • Their negotiation prowess and budgeting expertise allow for effective vendor management, ensuring cost-effective and streamlined operations.

  • Therese Eve Prentice has a proven track record in implementing reorganization and management initiatives, successfully turning around declining or stagnant operations.

  • A seasoned talent scout, they identify and develop potential leaders, fostering a leadership pipeline to drive organizational success.

  • Their commitment to maximizing efficiency and quality while minimizing costs contributes to improving the bottom line and driving business success.

  • With exceptional coordination skills, Therese Eve Prentice leverages team efforts for maximum efficiency, promoting collaboration and synergy within the organization.

  • Therese Eve Prentice expertly delegates and supervises tasks to enhance overall productivity and drive successful project outcomes.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a demonstrated history of driving impactful change, Therese Eve Prentice is a driving force behind the success of Sheppard Consulting. Their ability to lead diverse teams and optimize operational efficiency makes them an invaluable asset in creating a transformative impact for BIPOC, and marginalized underserved communities.

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