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Patrick E. Sheppard is a results-oriented and highly skilled IT professional, bringing with them 25 years of exceptional expertise in server administration, database management, and a profound dedication to delivering outstanding customer service. As the CEO of Sheppard Consulting, they have emerged as a dynamic force, driving innovation and fostering transformative change in the tech and business consulting landscape.

  • With an unwavering commitment to fostering relationships with community partners and stakeholders, Patrick E. Sheppard has established a robust network of collaborations, amplifying Sheppard Consulting's positive impact on BIPOC, and marginalized underserved communities.

  • Adept at providing technical support and troubleshooting complex issues, Patrick E. Sheppard consistently delivers timely solutions, exceeding client expectations and ensuring a legacy of customer satisfaction.

  • Their visionary approach to software development and managing database management software has enabled them to drive innovation and design tailored solutions for clients, aligning with the unique needs of each community served.

  • A master communicator with excellent written and verbal skills, Patrick E. Sheppard effortlessly conveys technical concepts with clarity, fostering effective communication with diverse stakeholders and clients.

With a proven track record of accomplishments and an unyielding dedication to social impact, Patrick E. Sheppard stands at the forefront of Sheppard Consulting, leading the charge to create a brighter and more inclusive future for all. Their visionary leadership, rooted in the intersection of AI Prompt Engineering, veteran values, and software development expertise, drives the firm's journey towards transformative success and profound positive change in underserved communities.

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